New Mobile App Offers Plastic Surgery Consultations From Home

Are you interested in plastic surgery, but do not know how to go about it? Do you want to know how much cosmetic surgery will cost you? Do you want to be able to discuss the procedures you would like with a doctor? Well, now you can, all from the comfort of your home, through your smartphone.

Apps to connect you with your doctor.

One app that allows you to do this is named Zwivel. Zwivel is a HIPPA certified app that lets you speak directly to a doctor privately and securely. “It allows cosmetic patients to research, discuss, search for and virtually consult with cosmetic physicians. Cosmetic patients can research both invasive and non-invasive procedures on Zwivel by reading our comprehensive cosmetic procedure guides, articles and by joining our cosmetic community.”

What these apps can do for you.

Apps like these save you the trouble of getting time off from work, making an appointment with a doctor, and then having to make the long drive there. Instead, you can search for multiple doctors online that meet your search criteria and then have consultations with them to plan your surgery. You can speak to various doctors through the app and get the best rates. All while still ensuring that you will receive the quality of care your desire.


Apps that can transform your photos.

Other apps are useful in planning cosmetic surgery. Some apps will show examples of how you would look if you received cosmetic surgery. These apps use a simple pull feature that allows you to pick and pull parts of your photos to see what you would look like after surgery. There are multiple apps like these available such as Mod Your Bod, and Plastic Surgery Simulator Lite.

The world of cosmetic surgery is apparently making every attempt to adapt to new technologies and people’s busy lifestyles. You can look forward to more advancements coming to cosmetic surgery apps shortly.