Women’s Health and Heart Disease

Heart disease is not just a problem that is common to men despite any tendencies for society to slant the coverage in that direction. In fact, heart disease is just as prevalent and deadly in women as it is in their male counterparts, and that means that it consistently ranks as one of the top killers in both genders today. It is important that women understand the symptoms and preventative measures so that they can live a life well lived not plagued by such detrimental affairs.


One risk factor is preexisting diabetes in women. Anyone who has been diagnosed with this sugar disorder needs to be extra cautious about their lifestyle in order to prevent it from transforming into greater and graver heart issues. Smoking is another one of those risk factors which is even more detrimental to the heart health of women than it is for men. For various reasons, it is critical that women get a handle on their smoking and substitute it for more healthy activities such as exercise and jogging. Inactivity in itself can be a dangerous hazard, and so it is vital that some type of workout program be adhered to and that this is complemented with a proper diet in order to limit the chance of experiencing a failing heart.


Pregnancy complications can lead to lifelong issues if not treated properly at the time that they occur. For this reason, it is important that women acquire the best healthcare possible during pregnancy as well as continuing to follow up with a family physician who can keep an eye on all of the necessary metrics in order to keep everything in its best working order. It is important that any and all prescribed medications are administered appropriately so as to keep check on everything. Blood pressure medicines, blood thinners and aspirin are some of the more common ones which can cause complications when not followed accurately enough.


Lastly, women should ensure that they maintain a proper weight. A body mass index (BMI) of 25 or higher is known to be problematic, and so women should aim to keep theirs below this level. A diet full of mixed fruit and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and lean meats will go a long way towards great heart health. The primary thing to avoid eating is saturated or trans fat, added sugar, and high salt content.


With a little forethought and proper care, women can live healthy lives despite the risk of heart disease. It is nothing to be overly concerned about when proper precautions are taken.