Women’s Health and Omega 3’s

Generally, we’re taught to avoid eating fats in our diet. This rule is something women particularly follow, especially if they’re watching their weight. However, some dietary fats actually have fantastic health benefits and should be included in our diets. One of these healthy fats is Omega 3 or fish oil, a fatty acid found in certain types of fish, like salmon or tuna (so bring on the sushi!). In the health world, more attention has recently been shed on Omega 3s, particularly for its various health benefits. While anyone can benefit from Omega 3s, there are incredible perks for women.


Helps with menopause


In various research, Omega 3s have been shown to help reduce the symptoms of menopause. It can ease hot flashes and inflammation that occurs throughout menopause, two symptoms that make the process nearly unbearable. Instead of taking hormone pills, menopausal women may wish to try Omega 3 supplements and learn whether or not they can benefit from those.


Strengthens joints and bones


Strong bones and joints are vital to avoiding osteoporosis or arthritis later in life. These issues can also occur during menopause and are reduced by Omega 3s. While Omega 3s are not a cure to severe arthritis or osteoporosis, the supplements can be useful in helping prevent these diseases from occurring or being as severe.


Improves your mood


Like most parts of a balanced diet, Omega 3s improve your mood. You’ll feel happier and with a better outlook on life if you get your required amount of Omega 3s each day. Studies have shown that Omega 3s can help with depression and certain other mood disorders, though they do not show significant results for treating anxiety. Scientists believe more research should be done to determine how much Omega 3s can help depression, but it’s a good idea to start getting more Omega 3s for a mood boost.


Benefits your head


Omega 3s have been linked to numerous benefits involving your head, in addition to helping balance mood disorders. One benefit is the link to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. The fatty acids in fish oils can help stop your brain from atrophying and will work to keep connections strong. In addition, Omega 3s are incredibly beneficial to hair and skin, which will help you to look younger and healthier. Fish oil can give hair and skin a glow that’s usually only seen in shampoo and cosmetic commercials.